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Stockinette Meat Bags: Features


Stockinette meat bags/wraps are principally designed for the packaging of animal carcasses. The bags/wraps are made from high quality cotton Stockinette and come in various grades and dimensions. They can be easily modified to suit the intended application depending on the carcass to be wrapped or specific customer requirement. The Stockinette bags are suitable for wrapping (and not limited to):

  • Lamb

  • Mutton

  • Goat

  • Beef

  • Pork

Plain Bags

Plain Stockinette bags of any size are available.

plain bag.jpg

Printed Bags

Printed bags are available that are customised to our clients' needs. Printed bags can display any detail required such as the supplier’s name and logo, place of origin of the product, place of destination, the contents, weight, company registration details, dates and so on. Virtually any information required can be accommodated in the printing process.

  • Printing is available in any language

  • Printing can be provided in a variety of colours

  • All inks are food safe

Tyvek Tags

Tyvek tags can be stitched to the bags. One or multiple tags can be provided. Tyvek tags are utilised for labelling of the product and generally accommodate date and compliance stamps.

Why we use tyvek tags:

  • Tear, water and weather resistant

  • Flexible - resists continuous folding and flexing

  • Maintains properties across a wide range of temperatures

  • Approved for contact with foodstuffs

  • Suitable for labelling

  • Available in different sizes

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